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Where can I buy hotel massage chairs? Beile Smart is the source manufacturer

Time:2022-11-18 Views:284
Enjoying a healthy life. Nowadays, people pay more attention to health. When you go to a hotel to relax, you can enjoy the massage chair even more. Then, where can I buy a hotel massage chair? Beile Smart is the source manufacturer!
With the development and progress of economy, massage chairs have entered the lives of many people. The massage chair can not only relax the body, but also help to relax the body. When purchasing hotel massage chairs, it is more guaranteed to choose a formal manufacturer.
Hotel massage chairs can be purchased from Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beile Intelligent is the source manufacturer, with authentic guarantee. As a powerful brand, it has established a new research and development laboratory and a high-tech achievements transformation center. In the direction of AI health, it focuses on the research and development, design, service and industrialization of family cloud intelligent health equipment.
Among them, the immersive massage chair S500 of Beile noise reduction sleep cabin feels relaxed. When the zero gravity mode is turned on, it is like lying in space. At this time, it can reduce the pressure on the spine, can lie in a deep V, can simulate the zero gravity angle of the space cabin, so that the heart is lower than the legs and the body, and the force on all parts is uniform, so that you can enjoy the cloud pressure free state.
In terms of function, the 3D massage manipulator is selected to realize simultaneous walking up and down of kneading and hammering, and the massage depth can be adjusted to 8cm. The lower leg can be electrically retracted and intelligently perceived for use by people of different heights. When customers use it in the hotel, it greatly improves their sense of happiness.
We will become better and better ourselves by keeping our love for the things we focus on and our determination for the future. Our company designs, develops and produces independently. We have our own appearance patent and technology patent.
The above is the hotel massage chair where to buy? Beile Smart is the introduction of relevant information of the source manufacturer. If you want to further understand more information about the massage chair, please call the consulting service hotline. Pay attention to health and enjoy a better life.