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How comfortable is the Belle intelligent massage chair? Hear what customers are saying

Time:2022-06-02 Views:401
Relaxed moments, embellish the wonderful life. Massage chairs have entered everyone‘s life, and when working hard in the workplace, it is necessary to relax the pressure appropriately. After it is fully charged again, go back to work. So, how comfortable is the Belle intelligent massage chair? Listen to the customer‘s feelings!
In the workplace, work is busy, time is tight, and sometimes it is really difficult to find time to exercise. However, having a massage chair at home has brought life to life again.
How comfortable is the Belle intelligent massage chair? Listen to the customer‘s feelings:
On weekends off, when I went to my best friend‘s house to play, I saw a Belle smart massage chair in her house, so I went to experience it and turned on the comfortable massage mode. During these 15 minutes, I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep. write,
Later, when I asked my best friend, she bought the Belle BL-Z90A smart massage chair. The color caught my attention. The golden massage chair looks high-end.
Because I often need to sit in front of the computer, my back and neck are sore. The BL-Z90A has 8 massage heads on the back, which are on the cervical spine, shoulders, back, and waist, which meet my needs.
I usually like to listen to music, and massage under the influence of music is indeed a pleasant thing. The Belle BL-Z90A smart massage chair has a Bluetooth music function, which is another plus point.
For massage techniques, including: kneading + acupressure + massage. There are 3 gears that can be adjusted according to the needs of the massage intensity. Every time I massage, the intensity is from small to large, step by step, so that it can better improve my happiness.
The above is how comfortable the Belle intelligent massage chair is? Listen to the introduction of relevant information about customers‘ feelings, pay attention to healthy life, and re-distribute the charm of life.