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Is the Belle Smart Q7 eye protector easy to use? Is the eye exercise mode comfortable?

Time:2022-05-31 Views:399
A tense pace, a hurried walk. Today‘s young people face more pressure, especially those born in the 80s and 90s. With family responsibilities on his shoulders, he needs to constantly work hard to improve his life. Among these young people, many of them must have the problem of eye fatigue. So, is the Belle Smart Q7 eye protector easy to use? Is the eye exercise mode comfortable?
In every city, there are people who work hard. Entering the IT industry, as a code farmer, I really need to sit in front of the computer every day, work overtime and stay up late and face the computer for a long time, and often overuse my eyes.
Belle Smart Q7 eye care device is easy to use, targeted to help relieve eye fatigue, make the eyes a SPA, and at the same time, there are nano-scale steam to moisten the eyes, realize point-to-point acupoint massage, and adjust the size of the mist to protect the eyes around the eyes. skin and help soothe the eye area.
The eye exercise mode is comfortable, and it has become the choice of many young people to protect your eyes with strength. This eye protector has been designed in engineering to do a set of eye exercises for the eyes, so as to relieve eye fatigue and prevent myopia.
Taking care of your eyes requires attention. In addition to the eye exercise mode, the Belle Smart Q7 eye protector also includes an active mode, a soothing mode, and a sleep mode. Every time you go out, you can fold the eye protector and put it in your bag easily. If you are on a business trip, or You can take it out for a massage while you‘re waiting on the plane.
In addition, the use method is also simple, the correct step is to long press the power on, short press (power button) to enter the cycle conversion mode. Long press the atomization function key to turn off or on the atomization function.
The above is the Belle Smart Q7 eye care device. Is it easy to use? Is the eye exercise mode comfortable? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to learn more about massage chairs, please call us the consultation service hotline.