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How does Belle Smart‘s eye exercise and eye protection device work?

Time:2022-04-15 Views:648
Enjoy the scenery of nature, fresh air, and feel life well. Take care of the health of the eyes and embellish the wonderful life. Due to too much exposure to electronic products, many people have become bow-headed people, and their eyesight is really getting worse and worse. So, how does Belle Smart‘s eye exercise and eye protection device work?
People who go to work need to face the computer, and students face heavy study pressure, and they also have to use their eyes for a long time. Some elderly people often look at their mobile phones now, so they will also experience eye fatigue. At this time, using an eye protector can help relieve eye fatigue.
Belle‘s smart eye exercise eye care device is easy to use, and I like its various modes, including eye exercise mode, vitality mode, soothing mode, sleep mode, etc. When wearing it, you can adjust it to a suitable tightness according to the size of your head.
We can find that there are many people who are short-sighted now, especially primary and secondary school students, who need to wear thick glasses at a young age. Therefore, eye problems need to be taken seriously, especially to relieve eye fatigue in time.
This eye protector of Belle Smart is made of ABS new environmentally friendly resin material + children‘s pacifier grade silicone massage head + high elastic flannel bag, which is a safe material, so it can be used relaxedly. The time for each charge is 2 hours, and the battery life is 1 hour.
In addition, if you want to protect your eyes, you must also give your eyes enough rest. When you are resting, it is even more icing on the cake to have an eye massage.
The above is Belle Smart‘s eye exercise and eye protection device. How does it work? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the eye protection device, please call us the consultation service hotline.