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[Guangdong Trade Global] Beile high-tech enterprises charter flights to participate in overseas exhibitions, further expanding the RCEP market

Time:2022-11-02 Views:310
2022 Guangdong Trade Global - Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Exhibition (MCTE) won the qualification certification and key support from Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Malaysia Trade Development Bureau and Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau.
Exhibition time: December 11th, 2022
Address: Kuala Lumpur World Trade Center (WTCKL)
Exhibition area: expected to exceed 20000m2
Made in Guangdong, China:
[Guangdong Trade Global the Belt and Road]
On October 30, 2022, Beile Ai, a major health high-tech enterprise cultivated by Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, will be chartered by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province to take Beile as a key enterprise to Malaysia, the first stop of the the Belt and Road countries. In the form of the spread of the global epidemic, Beile will become a model of China, actively go out, play the pioneering spirit, promote international trade cooperation, and make its products stronger and better, Take China‘s intelligent high-tech products to the world!
Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a grassroots medical member unit of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It has long been committed to providing semiconductor chip technology services and establishing a leading sealed test platform for various types of intelligent sensors. In 2019, it was successfully listed in Guangdong Equity Trading Center with the stock code of 880378. In order to give full play to the leading advantages of scientific innovation, Belle has successively introduced a number of doctoral experts to form a leading research and development team, and established a new research and development laboratory and a high-tech achievements transformation center. Beile has been focusing on the research, development, design, production and service of home cloud intelligent health devices for a long time, and has successively passed the "ISO 13485" medical management system certification, the US FDA and the EU CE certification.
Development history of China‘s intelligent massage chair industry
At this stage, China has become the center of the global intelligent massage chair industry chain.
In the 1960s, Japan developed the world‘s first intelligent massage chair, marking the beginning of the development of modern massage appliances. In the 1980s, Japanese traditional electrical appliance manufacturers represented by Panasonic and Oto also began to develop massage appliances, and the product categories were gradually enriched. At the same time, with the development of globalization, international trade is active, and intelligent massage chairs enter the Chinese market. Up to the 1990s, a large number of manufacturers had distributed in the Chinese market. At the beginning of the 21st century, well-known manufacturers of intelligent massage chairs began to vigorously explore the Chinese market, layout first tier and second tier cities, and at the same time, the global industrial chain was transferred to China.
At this stage, thanks to technological development, economic progress and consumption upgrading, the original main products such as home appliances and household appliances are not players of intelligent massage chairs, and they begin to cross the border into the market of intelligent massage chairs. The domestic market is full of flowers.
Industry prospect
● Future development trend of China‘s intelligent massage chair industry
Intelligent massage tracks health data and extends health management scenarios.
With the development of intelligent detection technology, personal physical condition can be quantified and visualized. The application of health data in multiple scenarios creates an intelligent health management ecology in an all-round and deep way. In the future, as the carrier of smart home, smart massage chairs will work together with health data management, smart medicine, and smart home to provide consumers with efficient personalized services, broaden the ecological boundary of health management, and extend the application scenarios of massage chairs in industries such as general health and audio-visual entertainment.
Monitoring and tracking health data to create a new ecosystem of health management
Health Data Management
*Fully measure important physiological indicators, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc
*Cross industry cooperation and personalized advertising, based on physiological data, push advertisements such as blood pressure meter, weight loss package and weight gauge through the Internet of Things
Smart medical linkage
● The intelligent massage chair detects and records physiological data, generates personalized health reports, and recommends personalized health programs. The intelligent algorithm formulates diet/exercise plans according to health indicators
It is convenient for doctors to have a comprehensive understanding of their physical conditions, judge sub-health status and design the best diagnosis and treatment plan
Smart home linkage
● Intelligent voice control, get rid of the restrictions of key switch, remote controller and operation screen, and voice start massage, speed regulation, etc
Connect other smart devices in the home through Bluetooth and WiFi to achieve intelligent linkage throughout the house and create a green smart life.
With the latest products such as electric masks, temperature guns and massage chairs, Zhao Xianmei, General Manager of Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., is not only full of expectations for this trip to Kuala Lumpur, but also full of confidence in winning orders. "I think this exhibition is very rare, because for us, we can open the Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia. We have also contacted many customers on the platform, and invited some customers from surrounding countries in advance, such as the Royal Thai Police."