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How much does a hotel massage chair cost? Belle smart massage chair offer?

Time:2022-09-06 Views:355
The wind blows gently, blooming the colors in life, and health has become the theme of the times. When living conditions improve and people go to hotels to relax, they will like to lie in massage chairs and enjoy massage treatment. So, how much does a hotel massage chair cost? How much does Belle smart massage chair offer?
Judging from the current domestic situation, consumers‘ demand for massage products is constantly increasing, and there is gradually a vitality, ushering in a good period of development. At present, the market scale is also expanding, and massage chairs have entered the lives of ordinary people.
How much does a hotel massage chair cost depends on the quantity required, and massage chairs have now become a new standard in many hotels. Because of the soft touch and suitable strength, the whole body is full of youthful breath and brings life to life. Comfort and enjoyment.
Belle smart massage chair offers a favorable price, because it is a manufacturer, reducing the intermediate links. Belle (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating massage chair production, research and development, sales, planning and service, and undertakes the national massage chair OEM business.
In addition, Belle automatic kneading vitality orange massage chair BL-SL120A is the choice of many hotels. It is eye-catching in appearance. It is made of hydrolysis-resistant PU leather and is wear-resistant. This massage chair is a 4D manipulator, and the movement increases positioning Gear, front and rear retractable 13cm. There are also SL-type guide rails that can realize various massage techniques such as kneading, acupressure, tapping, and kneading and hammering.
As a powerful factory, Belle Intelligence can provide one-stop service and bring good business opportunities to entrepreneurs. The hotel management crowd should also seize the opportunity to equip the hotel with massage chairs, which can raise the grade to a new level.
The above is how much does it cost to customize a hotel massage chair? The price of Belle smart massage chair? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the customization of hotel massage chairs, please call us the consultation service hotline.