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Belove Belle Intelligent Achieves Your Quality Life

Time:2022-08-31 Views:378
Start the road of dreams and stay firm on your ideals for the future. Although the road is long and full of dangers, it will eventually reach it; perseverance, then a bright future is worth looking forward to. Belove is intelligently fulfilling its corporate mission and achieving your quality life.
Belove is a primary medical member unit of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The company has long been committed to semiconductor chip technology services and the establishment of a leading packaging and testing platform for various types of smart sensors. In 2019, it was successfully listed in the Guangdong Equity Exchange Center with the stock code of 880378.
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health preservation, and they pay more and more attention to health. Belove has always actively responded to the country‘s call to promote the development of the big health industry, and established a new big health business model of Internet + cloud services + big data.
To achieve your quality of life, Belove is committed to building a mid-to-high-end brand. At present, its products include Belove Microcomputer Eye Massager, Belove Cervical Massager, Belove Intelligent Massage Chair, etc., bringing consumers Smart and comfortable enjoyment.
At present, in order to give full play to the leading advantages of science and technology innovation, a number of doctoral experts have been introduced to form a leading R&D team, and a new R&D laboratory and a high-tech achievement transformation center have been established. Design, service, realize industrialization.
Our company independently designs, develops and manufactures. We have our own appearance patents and technical patents. Open a personalized life mode for everyone, so that people can enjoy a real high-quality life.
In the future, as the carrier of smart home, the smart massage chair will combine health data management, smart medical care, and smart home to provide consumers with efficient and personalized services.
Belove intelligently spreads health, spreads happiness, and opens a new era of AI intelligent healthy life. It has a physical Ai intelligent health experience hall offline, which has won the trust of millions of families.