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How to use the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer correctly?

Time:2022-06-16 Views:509
Bright colors, take care of your family‘s health. Enjoy the changes brought about by smart life. Due to changes in diet, some people have high blood pressure. With the pressure of the times, suffering from high blood pressure should also be paid attention to in time. So, how to use the Belle smart arm blood pressure monitor correctly?
With the continuous improvement of the current level of residents, traditional mercury sphygmomanometers are rarely used, and electronic sphygmomanometers have become a must for families. But if you use it at home, you should also pay attention to the corresponding details.
About how to use the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer correctly? Let‘s take a look at it:
1. The subject takes a sitting or supine position, rolls the sleeve up to the armpit or takes off one sleeve (the blood pressure value of the left and right upper limbs needs to be measured for the initial measurement, and then the arm with the higher blood pressure value is selected as the fixed measurement in the future. arm).
2. Then place the arm (hemiplegia patients should be measured on the unaffected upper limb) at the same height as the heart (that is, the arm should be at the same height as the fourth rib when sitting, and the arm should be at the level of the midaxillary line when lying on the back) and 45 degrees of abduction.
3. The operator empties the gas in the cuff of the Belle intelligent electronic sphygmomanometer, and ties the cuff flat to the upper arm of the subject. The cuff should not be too loose or too tight, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement value.
4. When wrapping the cuff, the operator should pay attention to place the middle of the cuff (most electronic sphygmomanometers are marked on the cuff) at the brachial artery of the subject‘s cubital fossa (that is, the inner side of the arm, on the cubital fossa). At 2 cm, the brachial artery can be felt pulsed with the thumb), so as not to desensitize the baroreceptors.
5. The operator turns on the Belle intelligent electronic sphygmomanometer for measurement. When the cuff is inflated, the operator should pay attention to observe whether the adhesive opening of the cuff is broken. If the adhesive opening is torn, the operator should re-tighten the cuff for the subject to measure. After the electronic sphygmomanometer displays the value, the operator should record the blood pressure value displayed by the sphygmomanometer.
The above is how to correctly use the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the sphygmomanometer, please call us the consultation service hotline.