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How to measure accurately with Beller smart arm sphygmomanometer?

Time:2022-06-14 Views:514
Give your parents a piece of love and a gift of my heart. Belle smart blood pressure monitor monitors the changes of parents‘ blood pressure at all times and is a good helper for parents‘ health. So, how can the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer measure accurately?
Although high blood pressure cannot be cured, it can be controlled by taking medicine. In normal times, we can also measure the value of blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer. If the measured blood pressure is high and low, we really need to be vigilant.
About how to measure the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer accurately? Let‘s take a look at it:
1. Do not exercise vigorously before blood pressure measurement, preferably rest for 5 minutes. Do not smoke, drink, drink coffee or tea 30 minutes before the measurement, and empty your bladder if necessary.
2. When measuring, relax your body and sit on a chair with a backrest, with your feet relaxed and flat on the ground. Bare arm wraps cuff. The position and tightness of the cuff requires attention. The cuff should be kept at the same height as the heart, the lower edge should be 2 to 3 cm from the elbow line, and the elasticity should be kept so that 1 to 2 fingers can be inserted. Press the start button, the sphygmomanometer will automatically inflate and deflate, and the data can be read.
3. It should be noted that the blood pressure should be measured after resting for a few minutes after the activity. It is measured at a fixed time every morning and evening, and the relative monitoring error is small.
Many people feel that it is troublesome to go to the hospital to measure blood pressure, even if the journey is long, so they will prepare an arm blood pressure monitor at home, which is not only convenient, but also can clearly know the changes in blood pressure at any time.
The above is how the Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer can measure accurately? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to learn more about it, please call us the consultation service hotline.