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What are the effects of massage? Is Beile Smart Health Massage Chair comfortable?

Time:2021-12-02 Views:914
Set sail to start a smart and healthy life. With the continuous improvement of people‘s living standards, we are also pursuing a quality life. Pay attention to health. Even under intense stress, you also need to slow down your life. So, what are the functions of massage? Is Belle Smart Health Massage Chair comfortable?
   massage is a form of treatment outside of Chinese medicine and has a history of many years. In the new era, smart massage chairs have appeared, which are not restricted by time and place. Simply turn them on and you can enjoy exclusive massages.
   Regarding the role of massage, let’s take a look:
   1. It can regulate nerves and save energy. It can stimulate nerve endings during massage.
  2. Help promote the circulation of blood and lymph.
   3. Promote the change of biologically active substances in the blood. For patients with chronic neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, the content of endofibrin in serum and 5-HT in whole blood are lower than normal people. After massage, the content of the above two substances in this type of patients has increased, and the more the increase, the less pain.
  4. Accelerate the repair of damaged soft tissues. As massage therapy reduces pain, local blood transport speed is increased, thus promoting the repair function of soft tissues.
   5. Improve the body‘s metabolic function, because massage therapy uses the skin to apply massage force to soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules to promote its strong metabolic function.
   In order to facilitate massage, smart massage chairs have become the choice of many people. For example, the Belle Intelligent Health Massage Chair. After lying down, the whole person is in a relaxed state. Among them, the BL-495 AI intelligent massage chair can start health detection with one button and can be fully automated voice control.
   What are the effects of massage above? Is the Belle Smart Health Massage Chair comfortable? Related information content introduction, if you want to continue to understand in depth, welcome to call us for consultation hotline.