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What is the function of the smart massage chair? Beile smart massage takes you to enjoy a comfortable life

Time:2021-12-01 Views:883
The pace of life is constantly accelerating, and it is easy to overlook physical health when working hard. Due to irregular diet, lack of exercise, and too much stress, it is easy to lead to an imbalance in the regulation of yin and yang. Massage is a traditional Chinese medicine method of health preservation. So, what is the function of the intelligent massage chair? Beile intelligent massage will take you to enjoy a comfortable life!
   Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and massage is based on the theory of viscera and meridian of Chinese medicine. Combining with the advancement of the current technological level, the intelligent health massage chair has entered our lives, mimicking the way of human massage, without being limited by time, you can enjoy intelligent massage with one key of opening.
   Different styles of smart massage chairs have different functions. For example, Belle’s BL-265 fashionable business massage chair can be fully automatic. When you’re tired, you can lie down and enjoy your own massage SPA. Below we can take a look at the function introduction of BL-265 Fashion Business Massage Chair:
  1、Using 4D bionic movement, fully automatic one-key start
  2. Upgraded thigh airbag squeeze massage, calf body airbag wrapping, heating function
  3, body back cover massage, 8D artificial human flexible massage head
  4, 8 traditional waist and back massage techniques, wormwood hot compress
  5, 48-head roller scraping on the sole, two-way airbag pinching of the calf
  6, full body deep V floating Thai style stretching massage
  7, three gears can be adjusted freely
  8, 3C certification safety plug, integral molding free installation
   When the body is tired and tired, take 15 minutes to massage every day. If you persevere, you will see the body change constantly. Count again, control it to 1-2 times a day.
   The above is an introduction to the functions of the smart massage chair? Belle Smart Massage takes you to enjoy a comfortable life related information content introduction, if you want to continue to learn more about massage and health care, please call us the service hotline.