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How is the zero gravity experience? What is the strength of Beile Intelligent Massage Chair?

Time:2023-05-18 Views:23
Exciting embellishments, free to enjoy a beautiful life, and feel it with your heart. Nowadays, people‘s living standards are constantly improving, and this is already an intelligent era, leading the pace of the times. So, what about the zero gravity experience? What is the strength of Beile Intelligent Massage Chair?
Massage chairs are becoming increasingly common, even when we walk in shopping malls. When tired, sitting on a massage chair can indeed relax the body and mind. Massage for 15 minutes to restore full vitality. High end appearance, simplifying complexity, opening up a new pattern of spatial intelligence.
The zero gravity experience is relaxed and comfortable, because zero gravity refers to the state where the knee position is higher than the heart when the human body is completely relaxed and lying down, and the center of gravity of the human body falls on the relatively thick fat area of the buttocks. In this state, various parts of the human body are relaxed, especially the spine is under low stress, and the body is fully stretched and released. At this time, massage can achieve good results.
Beile Intelligent Massage Chair has strong capabilities, and our company has always been committed to technology leading a healthy life, embracing 5G health, and making high-quality products in the AI era ❗ Lying on the massage chair and enjoying the innovation brought by technology, weight, height, blood pressure, and heart rate can be monitored to eliminate fatigue, relax and activate the meridians, and become a massage chair that can manage health!
In terms of product features, AI can speak and understand massage, providing people with a space capsule experience. At the same time, equipped with a health management platform 3D three-dimensional robotic arm, fully enjoy the new intelligent technology to start a better life. Spread the concept of health, cover end households, and reach a market of tens of billions in the future.
In addition, the company also laid out offline entity AI smart health experience hall, established a new big health business model company linked with Internet plus+cloud service+entity "thousands of cities and thousands of stores", has a complete health management system, and has successively passed the "ISO 13485" medical management system certification, the US FDA and the EU CE certification.
What about the zero gravity experience? What is the strength of Beile Intelligent Massage Chair? Introduction to relevant information content. If you want to continue learning more about massage chairs or want to delve deeper, please feel free to call our consultation service hotline!