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Which home AI intelligent massage chair is suitable for giving gifts? How about Beile Intelligence?

Time:2023-05-09 Views:37
Give life the next beautiful definition, radiate the charm of life, and experience the exciting life. With the advancement of technology, people are becoming increasingly interested in smart homes. Which home AI intelligent massage chair is suitable for giving health gifts during the Chinese New Year? How about Beile Intelligence?
In the era of pursuing technology and integrating into intelligent health products, Beile Intelligent is constantly expanding its team, allowing more people to enjoy the comfort brought by intelligent massage. Moreover, there are various massage techniques, including kneading, patting, kneading, tapping, and finger pressing. Combined with modern technology, it can provide people with an extraordinary experience.
Home AI intelligent massage chairs are suitable for giving gifts, such as the BL-SL120A, a fully automatic kneading and vitality orange massage chair from Beile Intelligent. This massage chair is hydrolysis resistant, PU leather, odorless and wear-resistant. As a 4D robotic arm, the movement adds positioning gears, and the front and back can be retracted by 13cm. The SL type guide rail can achieve various massage techniques such as kneading, finger pressing, tapping, and kneading synchronization. There are also 4 air bags for squeezing massage on the shoulder, and double row large air bags for wave massage on the arm.
In addition, there is a fully wrapped airbag compression massage function in the legs, as well as a massage function for the protruding points of the calf and ankle; Waist cushion large airbag compression wrap swing massage; Warm back function; Foot roller scraping massage, with elastic leg stretching function, dual electric push rod design, can achieve linkage lifting, calf lifting can also be independently controlled.
Beile Intelligent, as a source of strength manufacturer, has always strengthened its continuous research and innovation. Our manufacturer‘s massage chair has a delicate and elastic massage head, providing a comfortable and comfortable massage that reaches sore muscles. At the same time, it is combined with various techniques to gently massage deep into the fascia.
At present, Beile has laid out the offline entity Ai smart health experience hall, and established a new big health business model linked with Internet plus+cloud service+entity "thousands of cities and thousands of stores": spread the health concept, cover terminal families, and the future market can reach 10 billion level.
Which home AI intelligent massage chair is suitable for giving gifts? How about Beile Intelligence? Introduction to relevant information content. If you want to continue to learn more about massage chairs, please call our consultation service hotline and join hands with you to pay attention to health.