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[Guangdong Trade Global] Belove Baile AI Massage Chair Brand Brings Great Chinese Smart Manufacturing Abroad

Time:2023-03-29 Views:94
"China‘s Intelligent Manufacturing" has taken it abroad and made a strong attack on the Indonesian market. Belove Belle Company grabs back big orders, and Ai massage health management experts come from Guangzhou, China@ China (Indonesia) Trade Expo
Exhibition time: March 18th, 2023
Venue: Jakarta International Exhibition Center, Indonesia
It‘s not the beauty that makes us choose to start
It‘s about going out to see beauty!
With the latest products such as massage chairs, massage pillows, and fascia guns, Zhao Xianmei, General Manager of Belo (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., brought back a lot of Indonesian industry customer information and business cards of interested companies during the exhibition, as well as gaining orders and confidence.
Before leaving for the exhibition, Zhao Xianmei fully arranged her investigation itinerary and arrived in Indonesia two days in advance. She set out early in the morning to visit shops, ask prices, issue business cards, and invite local enterprises to visit the exhibition. "I am impressed that some enterprises have opened store outlets, but the product style is relatively old, and the products are mainly sold through online channels. Although they are in professional outlets, they still feel relatively desolate."
This in-depth research experience in the local market is very valuable, allowing enterprises to directly capture the market situation, understand the local consumption level and applicable products. Some industry customers will also take the initiative to inquire about the prices of high and low products, so that both buyers and sellers can become familiar and establish contacts.
We are the source brand manufacturer of Ai massage chairs, and we mainly promote the core technology of intelligent 4D massage heads.
In the future, Belove Belle Massage Chair will serve as a carrier of smart home, build a health platform, collaborate with health data management, smart healthcare, and smart home, jointly provide consumers with efficient personalized services, broaden the ecological boundaries of health management, extend the application scenarios of massage chairs in industries such as big health, and open up a new way of intelligent healthy life!
Speak well, understand massage, and be accompanied by Belle!
Ai Massage Health Management Expert from Guangzhou, China!