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How to choose the right massage chair? Belle Smart offers you tips

Time:2023-03-16 Views:162
It‘s really comfortable to open the door of the new world and enjoy a comfortable massage on the massage chair. Every enjoyment brings spiritual experience. Renew vitality and embellish wonderful life. So, how to choose the right massage chair? Belle Smart offers you tips!
After work, we should also enjoy the tranquility brought by life, and also let ourselves calm down, so that tired people can get the most elegant relaxation. Lie quietly on the massage chair, sleep deeply and relax, so that even if the work pressure is great, you can still be relaxed after you go home.
How to choose the right massage chair? Belle Smart offers you tips! Now let‘s have a good look:
1. Take a look at the procedures of the massage chair, because the design of each set of professional automatic massage procedures is mainly based on the focus of this set of procedures. The massage chair with more automatic massage programs can meet the different massage needs of different users and different time periods, and obtain more choices in long-term use.
2. Let‘s see if there is intelligent detection function. The massage chair with intelligent detection function can detect the body shape of the user when lying on the massage chair, and then use the movement to walk up and down according to the height, body shape and weight of the user to find the exact "starting point of massage" or shoulder pressing point.
3. In addition, there are intelligent detection of soreness, fatigue, heart rate, etc., which can automatically generate customized massage programs for different users‘ number of sore points on the back and the degree of physical fatigue.
4. The humanized innovative function makes the manipulation of the massage chair simpler, faster and more scientific. Most massage chairs are generally controlled by hand keys; The high-end one is equipped with a large LCD screen, which can see the position of the massage movement when enjoying the massage, and present the human body acupuncture points to be massaged; Others use AI voice intelligent control. In addition, such as "zero gravity", "zero wall" and other innovative functions.
How to choose the right massage chair? Belle Smart will introduce the relevant information for you. If you want to continue to learn more about the massage chair, please call the consulting service hotline directly. Here are professional people to provide services for you.