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For a long time of neck pain, which type of Belle Intelligent Massage Chair is suitable?

Time:2023-03-08 Views:171
The tense pace of life and the busy life really make people tired. Sometimes, we also need to relax ourselves and find our good state in comfort. The emergence of massage chairs has become the gospel of many families. So, which type of Belle Intelligent Massage Chair is suitable for long time neck pain?
For sedentary people, especially those who sit in front of the computer for a long time, they often suffer from neck and waist pain. At this time, attention needs to be paid to let muscles relax in time. Otherwise, the problem of sub-health will become more and more serious in the long run.
The BL-190 of Belle Smart Massage Chair is suitable for long neck pain. This paragraph is for the neck strengthening massage chair. In terms of massage techniques, there are kneading, massage, beating, kneading, stretching and other ways to fully meet people‘s needs.
For Belo Smart BL-190 cervical spine strengthening massage chair, it includes the following functions. Let‘s have a good look:
1. PU leather fully covers the appearance of the capsule, which looks fashionable and grand
2. The neck is equipped with four massage heads with electric height adjustment to deeply massage the spine. For people with neck problems, this is simply targeted.
3. Back straight guide rail manipulator kneading, beating, walking massage
4. The massage technique is more exquisite and the area is larger
5. Shoulder, arm, leg, calf airbag extrusion
6. Fully wrapped leg airbag compression massage function
7. The back is warm and comfortable, as if in the warm arms of parents when they were children
8. Sole roller massage, elastic leg extension function
9. Electric push rod design can realize linkage lifting and zero gravity function
10. Bluetooth music, lying on the massage chair can relax well.
11. 12v safe voltage design
The above is the neck ache for a long time. Which type of Belle Smart Massage Chair is suitable? Introduction to relevant information. If you want to continue to learn more about massage chairs, or health care knowledge, please call our consulting service hotline!