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Is the operation method of AI intelligent massage chair simple? Belle works with you to start a healthy life

Time:2023-03-04 Views:180
Starlight embellishment, life with heart, care for the health of family members, and also pay attention to their own health. I usually work outside, so I can only go home to visit my parents during the Spring Festival, but I have always been concerned about them. Many people around me send massage chairs to their parents. Is it easy to operate AI intelligent massage chairs? Belle works with you to start a healthy life!
Take love home and send it to the massage chair. When parents massage, they will think of you with filial piety. With the tense pace of life, people are full of pressure to find their own comfortable moments and start a healthy life of massage.
The operation method of AI intelligent massage chair is simple, large screen operation, even the elderly can easily learn. Lie on the massage chair and let the massage chair turn on. At this time, the height will be detected intelligently. Everyone‘s height and weight will be different. In order to make the massage chair understand consumers better, the intelligent detection function can accurately adjust the position to be massaged, and the angle can also be adjusted.
After the body and the massage chair are close together, the person who enjoys it should relax and not be nervous. When the switch is turned on, he should adjust his breath. If you feel that you can‘t relax in time, you can turn on Bluetooth music and relax.
In the process of massage, the speed and intensity of the massage will be slower at the beginning. At this time, you can adjust it according to your own needs. Because each person‘s feeling intensity is different, from light to heavy, and gradually adapt.
Belle works with you to start a healthy life. For example, Belle AI Intelligent Massage Chair BL528 has various functions. As a SL-type long guide rail, it can fit the back curve of the body, thus playing the role of caring for the whole body. On the large screen, you can choose the project you want to do. It should be noted that the time of massage should not be too long. It is recommended to take 15-20 minutes or so. It is recommended to take one massage in the morning and one massage in the evening.
Is the operation method of AI intelligent massage chair simple? Belle and you have started the introduction of information related to healthy life. If you want to continue to learn more, or if you want to know more, please call our consultation service hotline.