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Belo Immersive Sleep Module Massage Chair BL529 Function? Is the price expensive?

Time:2023-02-20 Views:201
Feel the beauty of nature and enjoy every day with the breeze. Nowadays, the times are changing, and people are more and more pursuing high-quality life. The emergence of smart and healthy home has been favored by many families. So, what is the function of BL529 immersion massage chair in Belle noise-reduction sleep cabin? Is the price expensive?
Because of the fast pace of tense life and the pressure on your body, if you can relax in time, the pressure will also be released. Relax boldly and leave the pressure to the massage chair. Let the tired life stimulate vitality again and enjoy the massage SPA.
About the functions of BL529 massage chair in Belle immersion sleep cabin? Is the price expensive? Let‘s take a good look:
1. In terms of function, this massage chair has a 3D massage manipulator to realize synchronous walking up and down with kneading and can adjust the massage depth to 8CM
2. Super long "L" guide rail; The stroke length is more than 135cm (the manipulator massages directly from the neck to the thigh)
3. Backrest 24V carbon fiber hot compress function
4. Air pressure massage for waist and buttocks
5. Electric leg retraction, intelligent perception for people of different heights
6. Double push rod
7. Upper lower leg rubbing+air pressure massage, lower lower lower foot roller+lower leg using air pressure massage on both sides
8. Unique stretching function of upper and lower legs
9. Configure surround sound Bluetooth speaker+intelligent stand-alone voice control+physical test function
10. One-touch automatic massage+preset 12 automatic massage methods+private storage mode
11. Built-in Chinese, English and Vietnamese can be switched freely
12. 7-inch touch screen+shortcut key control dual control system
13. Unique calming and sleeping aid mode+head mask shading and sleeping aid+negative oxygen ion improving respiratory system
In addition, the price is probably more than 10000 yuan. Because of the diversity of functions, the materials selected will also be different. At the same time, the economic level of each region is different, so it will also be different. The massage chair is suitable for a wide range of people. In principle, it uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage, which can make the blood circulation and maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body, so you can feel muscle relaxation and joint flexibility after massage.
The above is the function of BL529 massage chair in Belle immersion sleep cabin? Is the price expensive? Introduction to the relevant information. If you want to know more about the massage chair, please call our consultation service hotline.