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How to choose the smart massage chair correctly?

Time:2023-02-17 Views:197
The breeze blows gently, feel the nature, close your eyes and enjoy your breath. Having health is a happy thing. The appearance of massage chair has opened a happy life for people and become a pleasant enjoyment. So, really dry goods, how to choose the intelligent massage chair correctly?
At present, as the carrier of smart home, intelligent massage chair will combine health data management, smart medical and smart home to provide efficient personalized services for consumers. This is a new era of 5G healthy life, starting to embark on a healthy journey.
About the real dry goods, how to choose the intelligent massage chair correctly? Now let‘s have a good look:
1. The massage chair should choose a large brand, so as to ensure the quality. At present, there are Rongtai, Beile Intelligent, Aojiahua and other relevant brands in the domestic massage chair market. A good brand creates a good reputation. Belove Belle Intelligent has sold more than 20W massage chairs globally. Strictly create good products to achieve your quality life. Belove has been trusted by millions of families along the way.
2. Look at the movement and select the 3D movement, which can penetrate into the fascia layer in a multi-dimensional way for massage, thus bringing a comfortable massage experience. The 3D movement has independent driving devices in three axes of space based on 2D, and can be divided into multiple gears through motion program
3. Select the SL-type guide rail, which can be close to the structure of the body, so as to fit the bending curve of the body. Realize the whole process of massage covering the neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks and thighs of the human body. For the SL guideway walking 3D manipulator, there are six massage methods, including kneading, finger-pressing, tapping, tapping, walking, and kneading.
4. Look at the air bag. As an auxiliary massage system, the larger the area of the air bag, the stronger the body will be wrapped, so the massage experience will also be improved. When massaging, Belle Intelligent Massage Chair can let you experience the master‘s massage technique, which is exquisite and full of strength, soft and elastic massage head, comfortable and close to your body, touching sore muscles, and can cooperate with various techniques to massage to the deep layer of fascia.
The above is the real dry goods. How to choose the intelligent massage chair correctly? Introduction to the relevant information. If you want to know more about the massage chair, please call our consultation service hotline.