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Household massage chair ranking? How to choose a good massage chair?

Time:2023-01-07 Views:202
Colorful colors embellish wonderful life. Now the massage chair has become the carrier of smart home and a beautiful landscape in the family. So, the ranking of domestic massage chairs? How to choose a good massage chair?
Healthy gifts have become the current fashion trend, and people who give gifts on holidays will get healthy. When your body is tired, you can relax on the massage chair. With the relaxation of your body and mind, you can feel a happy life again.
About the ranking of household massage chairs? How to choose a good massage chair? Now let‘s take a good look:
1. The ranking list of household massage chairs includes Rongtai, Rongkang, Beile Smart, Aojiahua, etc. These are all powerful brands with guaranteed quality. Bel Smart has always been spreading health and happiness, and is committed to providing health products and good services for every family.
2. When lying down for massage, close your eyes to extend the whole body‘s massage journey, bringing comfort from neck to foot. Beile intelligent massage chair can closely fit the curve of the body, allowing the massage range to cover from the neck to the sole of the foot. When choosing a massage chair, you can also look at the guide rail, movement, massage airbag, angle adjustment to achieve zero gravity, body material, body size, after-sales service, etc.
3. If you want to choose a good massage chair, you need to understand the structure of the massage chair first. A massage chair mainly consists of body leather, resistance cloth, protective shell and movement (manipulator); Roller (massage ball); Motor (motor); Computer chip (circuit board); Track; The airbag is composed of these parts. Therefore, when choosing, we should choose from many aspects.
4. The motor is the heart of the massage chair, which is divided into 2D movement and 3D movement, and the massage chair with 3D movement will be better. The roller massage ball is equivalent to the palm of the massage chair. At present, the roller is made of plastic, rubber, jade and silica gel, while most of the current massage chairs are made of silica gel, because it is soft and closer to the touch of human hands.
The above is the ranking list of household massage chairs? How to choose a good massage chair? Relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the massage chair, please call our hotline!