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[Belove Belle] Ignite Double 12 Surprise Carnival

Time:2022-12-10 Views:254
Double 12 Year end activity, thanksgiving welfare surprise is exploding! If you are waiting for an opportunity to buy a massage chair, congratulations, it‘s time! This time, it‘s time to do it!
Send leaders, family, friends, and yourself, and accept this "most" thoughtful gift. The event will be held from December 10, 2022 to December 14, 2022
Everyone who started the massage chair because of curiosity
Has opened Pandora‘s magic box
The moment when Beile intelligent space capsule massage chair lets you contact her
Start a journey of health
Let you swim freely in dream and reality
Please allow yourself to be an ordinary person
Live more relaxed
This double 12 game Really
Thanks a lot!
Activity 1: The annual second killing speed competition
Time period: 10:00-22:00 in the morning
Multi dimensional head massager BL-T11/daily price: 398
Double 12 second bargaining: 298
Limited to 100 pieces
Dynamic Throwing Pillow BL-Y14/Daily price: 298
Double 12 second bargaining: 198
Limited to 100 pieces
Fascia gun BL-JM8121/Daily price: 498
Double 12 second bargaining: 298
Limited to 100 sets
Disney Eye Protector BL-Q8-A/Daily price: 498
Double 12 second bargaining: 398
Limited to 50 sets
Massage rocking chair BL-AMJ11/daily price: 1380
Double 12 second bargaining: 888
Limited to 20 sets
8d intelligent massage chair BL-Z90B/daily price: 2980
Double 12 second bargaining: 2200
Limited to 10 sets
Activity 2: Hot selling explosives
BL-H528 Luxury Baby Massage Chair (SL)
Top Price: 11600
BL-H529 immersive noise reduction sleeping cabin
Top Price: 14800
BL-H530 noble zero gravity sleeping capsule
Top Price: 22800
[After sales worry free]
1. Delivered at home
2. Free installation and debugging, meticulous and considerate
3. One year warranty, national joint guarantee and after-sales service
4. The professional after-sales team shall conduct on-site maintenance at any time
5. One free transfer in the city
6. 7 days, no reason to return or replace products, no worries after sales
Keep your body light
Slow down
Have a "senior masseur"
Enjoy the "softness" of life
Say goodbye!
[Have a healthy future]
factory outlet 
All in one
No installation
Use it out of the box
National joint insurance
One year warranty
Lifetime maintenance