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Able to speak, understand massage, and be accompanied by Baile

Time:2022-11-22 Views:278
Tranquil the body and mind to discharge pressure, immerse in the experience of relaxing the body and mind, and enjoy the massage chair to bring another wonderful life. Able to speak, understand and massage, Beile always accompanies you, and Beile always keeps you warm.
The debut of AI technology in position C lights up the intelligent massage life of each family. Beile intelligent new technology massage chair can be started with one button to complete the detection of human meridians, and the massage technique can be truly restored. The massage position and kneading force can be accurately grasped to give a comfortable and pleasant massage.
Among them, the BL-H530, the noble zero gravity sleeping capsule, can enjoy intelligence, make new breakthroughs, understand your fatigue, and help you relax. In terms of functions, it also includes AI voice control, AI simulated massage hand, one button health detection, one button forward sliding saving space, yoga massage, SL double guide rail, and foot intelligent massage
Rub and massage your calves.
● Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a grass-roots medical member of the National Health and Family Planning Commission
● In 2019, it was successfully listed in Guangdong Equity Trading Center with the stock code of 880378
● Introduced several doctors and experts to form a leading R&D team
● Layout offline entity AI smart health experience hall, and establish a new big health business model linked with Internet+cloud service+entity "thousands of cities and thousands of stores"
● The company has a complete health management system, and has successively passed the "ISO 13485" medical management system certification, the US FDA and the EU CE certification.
● Spread the concept of health, covering terminal families, and the future market can reach 10 billion.
[If you have the following chronic fatigue syndrome, please pay attention!]
Are your nerves tight?
Is your neck tired?
Are your muscles stiff?
Does your waist hurt?
Do your legs ache
If you let chronic fatigue syndrome continue, it will lead to disease
If you have been troubled by these chronic fatigue syndromes, come to Beile Intelligent Massage Health Experience Hall!
The above is that you can speak and understand massage, and Beile is often accompanied by relevant information. There is health and a future. Let‘s work together to create a happy life. If you want to know more, please call the consulting service hotline!