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Belove AI massage chair industry market analysis? Top 10 brands of massage chairs?

Time:2022-10-19 Views:311
For medium and high-end consumption such as massage chairs, money must be spent on the blade. What massage chair is good? Domestic brands recommend Aosheng, Belove Belle, Rongtai, KGC Kajieshi, Aojiahua and Alister; Foreign recommendation: Panasonic, Paddy, Fuji.
Top 10 brands of massage chairs:
1. Panasonic. The massage chair industry originated in Japan, and Panasonic massage chairs are the leading brand of Japanese massage chairs
2. Fujiiryoki. Fuji, Japan, is one of the earliest manufacturers of massage chairs in the world. The massage chairs produced by Fuji have a back spine curve, ergonomic double S track design, and first-class comfort
3. Belove. Beile is a grass-roots medical member unit of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. As a leader in the health industry today, it is known as "AI massage health expert"
4. OGAWA. Aojiahua is the most famous innovative health care equipment brand in Malaysia
5. Rongtai. China‘s well-known trademark, Rongtai is designated as "China Aerospace Special Product"
6. OSIM wins. The international popularity is very high. His massage chairs (such as Aosheng Millennium Chair) are quite famous in the Singapore and Hong Kong markets
7. Rongkang. It is a well-known trademark in China, and is the earliest manufacturer of massage chairs in China. The performance price ratio of this brand of massage chairs is very high
8. Sanyo. Sanyo is also an imported brand from Japan, which is more traditional and noble in appearance, suitable for high-end middle-aged consumers
9. Oriental God. Dongfang Shen is the first group of enterprises engaged in massage and rehabilitation equipment in China. The market is mainly concentrated in the middle and low end, with few high-end series
10. Yihocon. Yihekang has been in business for a long time, and its products are low priced, which is suitable for consumers with average budget, but the massage technique is delicate
Among them, Belle health and intelligent interconnection. In response to the development of the big health industry actively recommended by the state, Belle has laid out offline entity AI smart health experience halls and established a brand-new big health business model linked with Internet + cloud service + entity "thousands of cities and stores": it spreads health concepts and covers end families. In the future, the market will reach 10 billion.
The above is the market analysis of Belove AI massage chair industry? Top 10 brands of massage chairs? Relevant information is introduced. If you want to join the massage chair industry, please call the consulting service hotline!