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How about the Spaceship Comfort Massage Chair? Belle smart investment franchise fee?

Time:2022-09-19 Views:344
Light up your wonderful life with the comforting treatment of a massage. Today, the emergence of massage chairs has brought another color to life. Whether it is given away or enjoyed by yourself, as a health product, it has been welcomed by the public. So, how about a comfortable massage chair on a spaceship? Belle smart investment franchise fee?
For entrepreneurs, they are interested in the prospect of market development, so they will have the idea of ​​joining. With the help of a big brand, it can bring a new life. There are various types of massage chairs, and entrepreneurs must create their own value.
The spaceship comfortable massage chair has good function and effect, such as the Belle luxury piano paint spaceship comfortable massage chair BL-528. The functions included are 18 simulation massage modes such as kneading, shiatsu, tapping, tapping, walking, kneading and patting. This is a 3D manipulator for walking with SL-type guide rail, which can touch the large screen manually, and the armrest is heated by injection molding.
For the soles of the feet, there are roller plus airbag massage, back buttock manipulator walking massage and airbag squeezing massage. This massage chair can massage stress adjustment, waist heating, automatic stretching of plastic legs, and Thai Lajin.
In addition, this massage chair is easy to use, can be controlled by AI voice and voice, can be moved forward with one button, the armrest can be set for quick central control, and the body shape can be detected with one button.
The franchise fee for Belle Smart’s investment promotion is about 100,000-150,000, depending on the type of store. The company is an enterprise integrating the production, research and development, sales, planning and service of massage chairs, and undertakes the OEM business of massage chairs nationwide.
After joining, the headquarters will provide one-stop service, all-round support, save effort and worry, and realize your entrepreneurial dream! Let you open the door to wealth channels.
The above is how about the spaceship comfortable massage chair? Belle smart investment franchise fee? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the Belle smart massage chair franchise, please call us the consultation service hotline.