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Belove Bei Le intelligently forge ahead and set off again, and move forward together in the future

Time:2022-08-26 Views:369
Belle (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 and took the lead in landing in Zengcheng Innovation Industry Base. It has been a glorious 5 years since it has grown from an unknown name to a leader in the health industry today.
Belove is practicing the corporate mission, spreading the concept of health, and providing ideal personal health products and high-quality services for every family. It has always actively responded to the country‘s call to promote the development of the big health industry, and established a new big health business model of Internet + cloud services + big data.
Now the company has a stable and mature global market network and a large number of loyal consumers. Committed to building a mid-to-high-end brand, its current products include Beller Microcomputer Eye Massager, Beller Cervical Massager, Beller Smart Massage Chair, etc.
As a primary medical member of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the company has long been committed to semiconductor chip technology services and the establishment of a leading packaging and testing platform for various types of smart sensors.
In order to give full play to the leading advantages of science and technology innovation, a number of doctoral experts have been introduced to form a leading R&D team, and a new R&D laboratory and a high-tech achievement transformation center have been established. service and industrialization.
In the future, as the carrier of smart home, the smart massage chair will combine health data management, smart medical care, and smart home to provide consumers with efficient and personalized services.
A good brand creates a good reputation, and Belove’s global cumulative sales of massage chairs have exceeded 20W+ units. Strictly create high-quality products to achieve your quality life. Along the way, Belove has won the trust of millions of families.
We cherish those years of passionate struggle and maintain our love for the things we focus on. Stay firm in your ideals for the future, and we will all become better and better versions of ourselves.