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What types of movements are there in massage chairs? How to distinguish?

Time:2022-08-11 Views:411
Even if you live a busy life, you can‘t lose the quality of life, put down your fatigue, and enjoy a comfortable massage on the massage chair. Presumably many people are also interested in the internal structure of the massage chair. So, what are the types of massage chair movements? How to distinguish them?
The movement is one of the core components of the massage chair. It can be massaged by displacement and rotation in different directions, so its quality determines the massage effect of the product. Now there are three types of 2D movement, 3D movement and 4D movement on the market.
What types of movements are there for massage chairs? How to distinguish them? Let‘s take a look:
The first point is that the 1D movement, that is, the massage movement, cannot be controlled to move to multiple parts of the human body to realize the massage action, but only performs the massage action in a fixed position;
Second, the 2D movement can move on the guide rail to massage multiple parts of the human body, and the massage mechanism has independent autonomous driving devices in any two axes of the space;
The third point, the 3D movement has independent drive devices on the three axes of space on the basis of 2D, and can be divided into multi-gear control through the motion program;
The fourth point, the 4D movement can achieve any trajectory massage based on the 3D movement by simulating the master technique.
In addition, the Belle intelligent massage chair allows you to experience the master‘s massage techniques during massaging, the delicate and vigorous massage head, the soft and elastic massage head, the close-fitting and comfortable massage, and the sore muscles. Deep fascia.
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The above is what types of massage chair movements are there? How to distinguish them? If you want to learn more about massage chairs, you can also call Belove Belle·AI Massage Health Expert Headquarters.