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How does the smart eye protector work? Can elementary school students use it?

Time:2022-07-02 Views:495
Clear and bright world, quietly feel the beauty of life. Pay attention to the health of children and take care of their growth. If you are in a state of eye fatigue for a long time, it is easy to have myopia. So, how does the smart eye protector work? Can elementary school students use it?
We can find that today‘s primary school students are also under great learning pressure. I often come into contact with electronic products. If the eyes are not relaxed in time, it will directly affect the health of the eyes.
Smart eye care devices work well. For example, Belle Smart‘s Q7 eye exercise steam eye care device can perform point-to-point acupoint massage and nano-scale steam to moisten the eyes, which can relieve fatigue. Regarding the size of the fog volume, it can be adjusted, and it can also be automatically timed, mute music, and portable and rechargeable.
As for the modes used, it also includes eye exercise mode, vitality mode, relaxation mode, sleep mode, and people can choose according to their own needs.
This eye protector is suitable for primary school students. It has built-in air pressure massage, which can help improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, promote the metabolism of eye tissue, effectively improve vision, and thus strengthen the treatment effect.
In the method of use, you can long press the power on and short press (power button) to enter the cycle conversion mode. Long press the atomization function key to turn off or on the atomization function. In terms of materials, the selected ABS new environmentally friendly resin materials, children‘s pacifier-grade silicone massage heads, and high-elastic flannel bags are safe and secure in quality.
The above is how the smart eye protector works? Can elementary school students use it? If you want to learn more about the eye protection device, please call us for the consultation service hotline.