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What‘s the matter with the drop in blood pressure measured by the Belle arm sphygmomanometer?

Time:2022-06-17 Views:507
Give your family a piece of love, and make the best of life. For persistently unstable blood pressure, we must always pay attention. Relevant studies have found that it is not high blood pressure that is scary, but the complications caused by high blood pressure. So, what happened to the drop in blood pressure measured by the Belle arm sphygmomanometer?
For convenience, many people choose to prepare an arm-type sphygmomanometer at home, which can easily monitor changes in blood pressure in a timely manner.
What happened to the drop in blood pressure measured by the Belle arm sphygmomanometer? Let‘s take a look:
1. When measuring blood pressure with Belle smart arm sphygmomanometer, it should be kept in a resting state. If blood pressure is measured after fitness exercise or intense theme activity, blood pressure is likely to have a high measured value. With the increase in rest days, the latter measurements are also likely to drop sharply.
2. According to the normal blood pressure fluctuation regularity of the human body, there will generally be two blood pressure peak periods after waking up in the morning and in the afternoon. If the first measurement happens to catch up with the peak period of blood pressure measurement, and the subsequent time interval is longer. Starting the second and third measurement, the measurement happens to be the trough period of blood pressure, which is likely to lead to a sharp drop in the subsequent measurement.
3. When some people measure their blood pressure for the first time, their emotions will be more anxious, resulting in a higher blood pressure measurement for the first time, followed by a slow recovery of body and mind, and the latter two measurements are also will be further reduced.
4. If you drink strong tea, freshly ground coffee and other beverages before measuring blood pressure, it will also cause a transient rise in blood pressure.
5. When measuring blood pressure for the first time, if there is a situation of forbearance of urine, it is very likely that the blood pressure measurement value will be higher, and if the urine is completed before the measurement after the event, the measurement value after the event will be relatively low, and Post-mortem blood pressure measurements should also be used as a standard.
The above is the use of Belle arm sphygmomanometer to measure, what happened to the drop in blood pressure? The relevant information is introduced, the change of blood pressure is always worrying, if you want to continue to learn more information, please call us the consultation service hotline.