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How to protect the eyes? How about Belle Eye Gymnastics Eye Care?

Time:2022-05-09 Views:576
Enjoying life fresh and looking at the green plants in the distance can relax the eyes. Nowadays, electronic technology products have entered people‘s lives, and even children need to use them to assist their learning, which will also cause a certain burden to the eyes in the long run. So, how to protect your eyes? How about Belle Eye Gymnastics?
We can find in schools that there are many students wearing glasses in a class, which shows that children‘s eyesight problems are also facing a serious challenge. And we should also pay attention to children‘s eye problems and pay attention to their health.
About how to protect your eyes? How about Belle Eye Gymnastics?
1. Children try to reduce the time they spend with their eyes at close range, and pay attention to keeping a proper distance when reading.
2. The frequency of rest should be increased, and the time of each eye use should be reduced at the same time. If you feel eye fatigue, you should relax properly. You can look into the distance, do eye exercises, or use eye protectors to relax.
3. Cultivate the posture of children looking at the screen. They can‘t look at electronic products while lying on their stomach. They can also eat some eye-protecting foods, such as carrots.
4. The Belle Eye Gymnastics Eye Care Device has a good effect. It can realize eye point-to-point acupoint massage, fog volume adjustment, automatic timing, mute music, portable and rechargeable, and take care of children‘s eye health.
5. This eye protector has a variety of modes to choose from, including eye exercise mode, vitality mode, soothing mode, sleep mode, etc.
The above is how to protect your eyes? How about Belle Eye Gymnastics and Eye Protection? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the eye protection device, please call us for the consultation service hotline.