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Belle smart thermometer solves the worries of mothers, we are born for precision

Time:2022-04-28 Views:557
After shouldering responsibility and becoming a mother, there are more things to consider. It is common for children to get sick, but it is necessary to monitor the changes in body temperature at all times in order to have a clearer understanding of their health. Then, Belle smart thermometer solves the worries of mothers, and we are born for precision!
At present, some mothers are still using the traditional mercury thermometer to help the baby to measure the body temperature, but it is not convenient to measure, and it also has many disadvantages, such as: the glass is fragile and the mercury is poisonous, the reading is unclear, the reading is laborious, and the measurement time is long. The baby is impatient, the baby is asleep and afraid of waking the baby, etc., which has caused great trouble to the mother.
Belle smart thermometer solves the worries of mothers, and we are born for precision. This is a smart thermometer with three modes in one machine, which is convenient to use. In addition, this is a non-contact type, only need to align the position, and then 3-5cm away from the skin, without touching the skin, safe and hygienic.
This thermometer has a clear reading, and there will be a fever smart prompt. If the measured temperature is ≥38.5°C, the screen will turn red and make a "dididi" sound.
Give more care to the baby. When the baby is sick, due to the variety of body temperature changes, this thermometer has 32 sets of memories, which can clearly understand the baby‘s body temperature changes.
In addition, the advantage of this thermometer is that it can measure speed in one second, temperature alarm, and large screen backlight. Mothers should also pay attention to their bodies when taking care of their babies.
The above is the Belle smart thermometer to solve the worries of mothers. We introduce the relevant information for precision. If you want to learn more about the thermometer, please call us for consultation.