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Looking at the phone for a long time is too much, how about the Belle Smart 3D Eye Protection Device

Time:2022-04-07 Views:641
Open a window, we often hear that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so we should also care more about the health of the eyes. Mobile phones are closely related to our lives. So, what about the Belle Smart 3D Eye Protection Device if you look at your mobile phone for a long time and overuse your eyes?
Whether walking on the street, on the subway, or in a shopping mall, you will almost always see a lot of people with bowed heads playing with their mobile phones. However, looking at the mobile phone for a long time will also cause the eyes to be fatigued. If you are in a state of fatigue for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the eyes.
If you look at your phone for a long time, you can choose to use the Belle Smart 3D Eye Care Device, which has 5 modes, including: automatic mode, vitality mode, clear mode, dynamic mode, and sleep mode. It can be operated with one button to meet the eye massage needs of different groups of people. After continuous testing and adjustment, it can help quickly relieve eye fatigue in a state of combined comfort and high experience.
This eye protector is lightweight and portable, with strong battery life. It can be folded 180° and can be easily put into the bag. If you are on a business trip or traveling, you can enjoy and relax at any time. It can last for 100 minutes per charge.
Because our eyes are rich in nerves and there are many acupoints, massage by using an eye protector can help to promote the contraction and relaxation of eye muscles, improve eye blood microcirculation, and relieve eye fatigue. have a certain effect.
The Belle Smart 3D Eye Care Device can vibrate and rub acupoints at multiple frequencies, and the dual-engine power high-frequency vibration can regularly massage the acupoints around the eyes to keep the eyes alive.
The above is an introduction to the relevant information about how to look at the mobile phone for a long time and how to use the Belle smart 3D eye protection device. If you want to learn more about eye massage, or if you are interested in eye care devices, please call our service hotline.