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How to choose a massage chair that is right for you? The feeling of Belle intelligent massage chair after use

Time:2022-03-01 Views:741
On leisure weekends, when shopping in the mall, you will always see a lot of shared massage chairs, just scan the code to experience. However, I thought in my heart that so many people have sat there, it will feel very unhygienic. Excuse me, how do you choose a massage chair that is right for you? How do you feel after using the Belle intelligent massage chair?
For a long time, Belle Intelligence has been serving every family and insisting on the concept of spreading health and happiness. Smart health products have entered people‘s lives.
Next, let‘s take a look at a friend‘s sharing about the experience of Belle intelligent massage chair after use:
Once, when I went to a friend‘s house to play, I saw that she had bought a Belle smart massage chair. I went up to experience it. During these 15 minutes, I listened to the music, closed my eyes, and enjoyed it. After a massage, I found it to be really comfortable.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, the current market conditions are not good, and the work pressure is also very high. I often have to work overtime. After returning home, I really hope that someone can give me a massage. I really pity me, a single dog, only one person is at home, and my parents But at home.
Later, I also had the idea to buy a massage chair. But I couldn‘t afford it because it was too expensive. Later, I learned from a friend that the Belle BL-Z90A smart massage chair she bought was within the range that I could afford.
Choosing a massage chair that suits you is based on many considerations, because I usually have a sore back and neck, so I hope to strengthen the back massage. The BL-Z90A has 8 massage heads on the back, which are on the cervical spine, shoulders, back, and waist, which meet my needs.
In terms of massage techniques, including: kneading + acupressure + massage. There are 3 gears that can be adjusted according to the needs of the massage intensity. After analyzing it, I was really moved.
So, I got one. Every time I come home from get off work, I lie down to rest for 15 minutes, turn on the massage mode, listen to music, and enjoy this moment of relaxation, which makes me feel that life can actually be beautiful. No matter how stressful the work is, as long as you know how to relax.
The above is how to choose the massage chair that is right for you? The Belle intelligent massage chair will feel the relevant information after using it. If you are interested in the massage chair and want to know more, please call us the consultation hotline.