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The 133rd Canton Fair has come to a successful conclusion, and we look forward to seeing you again next time

Time:2023-04-24 Views:59
Beile participated in the first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair, the largest in history, and successfully concluded on April 19th! Taking advantage of the opportunity created by this year‘s Canton Fair, Beile Intelligent High tech Enterprise not only achieved face-to-face negotiations with multiple new and old customers for a long time, but also gained many potential new customers.
Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in AI massage chairs, eye protectors, fascia guns and other healthy daily necessities.
The main channel of the 3.1 Smart Life Exhibition Area in Zone A of the special booth of this Canton Fair, B-33.34 and c9-10, covers an area of 36 square meters.
Belove Intelligent has become the most popular new intelligent living exhibition area, with a continuous stream of foreign customers every day! It has been selected as a key shot by CCTV News Broadcast and highly promoted by provincial and municipal television stations. Belove Belle showcases high-quality "Made in China" to global customers, and overseas buyers directly call it "Perfect"
We are the source brand manufacturer of Ai massage chairs, and we mainly promote the core technology of intelligent 4D massage heads.
In the future, Beile Massage Chair will serve as the carrier of smart home, build a health platform, collaborate with health data management, smart healthcare, and smart home, jointly provide efficient personalized services to consumers, broaden the ecological boundaries of health management, extend the application scenarios of massage chairs in industries such as big health, and open up a new way of intelligent healthy life!
The main highlights and features of Belove • Belo AI Massage Chair:
1. AI can speak, understand massage, and experience the space capsule
2. Equipped with a health management platform 3D robotic arm
3. Enjoy the New Intelligent Technology and Start a Better Life ❗
Beile Massage Chair is committed to technology leading a healthy life, embracing 5G health, and becoming a boutique in the AI era ❗ Lying on the massage chair and enjoying the innovation brought by technology, weight, height, blood pressure, and heart rate can be monitored to eliminate fatigue, relax and activate the meridians, and become a massage chair that can manage health!