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2023 IEAE Guangzhou Electronics Exhibition Grand Opening, Beile AI Massage Chair Shines on Stage

Time:2023-04-13 Views:72
The 2023 IEAE Guangzhou Electronics Exhibition opened grandly on April 12, with the shining appearance of the Belle AI massage chair. The exhibition site is bustling with high popularity. Exhibitors and exhibitors from both domestic and foreign countries gathered together to share the industry‘s audio-visual feast.
This event will display products mainly used in artificial intelligence, data center, cloud computing, Industrial Internet, 5G communication, automotive electronics and other terminal fields.
The IEAE Guangzhou Electronics Exhibition not only showcases a wide range of products, but also shares exciting topics. More than 30 well-known experts from the domestic industry, representatives of enterprise elites, and other authoritative figures from various fields came to discuss smart home appliances, smart home appliance application technology, and more.
Multiple summit forums mainly focused on cutting-edge topics such as industry development trends, new markets, and new directions, with dedicated presentations. The on-site conference forum area was filled with high friends and was filled with enthusiasm.
Belove Beile Intelligent AI Big Health High tech Enterprise, a key cultivation enterprise in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, debuted at the C-position with AI intelligent technology. The Beile Intelligent New Technology Massage Chair can complete human meridian detection with one click, truly restoring massage techniques. The massage position and kneading force can be accurately controlled, providing a comfortable and enjoyable massage. AI technology illuminates the intelligent massage life of every family.
The crowd surged on site, attracting a large number of exhibitors. The Beile Intelligent Booth has attracted many professionals to stop and inquire about it. Our exhibition team patiently answered questions and dispelled doubts from customers who came to inquire, allowing everyone to fully understand the advantages of Gabelo‘s intelligent products and presenting the characteristics and services of Gabelo Intelligence.
We are very looking forward to this IEAE Guangzhou Electronics Exhibition! We have carefully prepared and fully prepared for the exhibition! "Zhao Xianmei, General Manager of Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., is full of expectations for this exhibition.
Speak well, understand massage, and be accompanied by Belle often!
Ai Massage Health Management Expert from Guangzhou, China!