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What does it feel like when the massage chair is turned on with zero gravity? What is the price of Belle massage chairs?

Time:2023-04-08 Views:118
Tender years, quietly enjoying the beauty of time. Comfortable massage, revitalizing the body. Nowadays, during the Chinese New Year and holidays, gifts are often given as a massage chair as a good health gift. A massage chair represents a heartfelt gesture. So, what does it feel like when the massage chair is turned on with zero gravity? What is the price of Belle massage chairs?
A Beile intelligent massage chair with flowing lines and simple and elegant curves, perfectly integrated into mainstream home spaces! Able to massage all over the body, making people feel comfortable from head to toe! Easily achieve massage freedom and better enjoy a comfortable life.
The massage chair opens with zero gravity, making it feel like a baby is sleeping in a cradle, almost without any burden. At the same time, it also brings pressure massage, stretching massage, support balance, stretching, etc. In this weightless state, the body and brain can be fully relaxed, greatly releasing our pressure, and bringing a relaxing experience.
The design principle of a zero gravity home massage chair is to combine traditional pneumatic massage technology with advanced zero gravity principles, and design functions based on the structure of the human body, placing people in a natural state, thereby reducing the burden of the Earth‘s attraction on the human body and making people feel as if they are floating in the air during the massage process.
Beile Massage Chair offers discounted prices, as it is a direct source manufacturer and reduces intermediate links, allowing customers to enjoy discounted prices. The Beile Intelligent BL-SL120A Massage Chair is made of water resistant PU leather and is odorless and wear-resistant. It is used as a 4D robotic arm, with positioning gears added to the movement and a front and rear retractable 13cm. The SL type guide rail can achieve various massage techniques such as kneading, finger pressing, tapping, and kneading synchronization. There are also 4 airbags on the shoulder for squeezing and rubbing, and double row large airbags on the arm for wave massage.
In addition, there is a fully wrapped airbag compression massage function in the legs, as well as a massage function for the protruding points of the calf and ankle; Waist cushion large airbag compression wrap swing massage; Warm back function; Foot roller scraping massage, with elastic leg stretching function, dual electric push rod design, can achieve linkage lifting, calf lifting can also be independently controlled.
What does it feel like to turn on zero gravity for the massage chair above? What is the price of Belle massage chairs? Introduction to relevant information content. If you want to continue to learn more about massage chairs, please call our consultation service hotline and join hands with you to pay attention to health.