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[Guangdong Trade Global] Belove Belove dares to venture, fight, and work hard, seizing the opportunity to go to sea to seize orders

Time:2023-03-24 Views:102
It‘s better to meet a thousand emails offline
Place an order within 15 minutes of on-site communication at the exhibition
On March 16th, 725 enterprises from 20 leeway cities in 6 provinces, including Guangdong and Zhejiang, officially launched in Jakarta, placing exhibits from China on a display area of 20000 square meters and 1000 booths, hoping to open business opportunities and meet customers.
With the latest products such as massage chairs, massage pillows, and fascia guns, Zhao Xianmei, General Manager of Belo (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., brought back a lot of Indonesian industry customer information and business cards of interested companies during the exhibition, as well as gaining orders and confidence.
"The company is still in a blank market in Indonesia, and we prepared in advance. We arrived two days before the exhibition and visited several 10 local massage chair product stores and supermarkets to prepare for market expansion in the future. In the three-day exhibition, even the exhibits we brought were sold out."
"On the first day, there were more people, but on the second day, there were fewer people catching up with religious festivals in Indonesia. On the last day, it was the peak period, and when the traffic was heavy, there was no room to squeeze." Zhao Xianmei described the exhibition.
The foreign trade enterprises participating in the exhibition said that from the perspective of the purchaser structure, the customers of the Indonesian exhibition mainly come from the local area, while the customers from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States are relatively small. However, in addition to seeking exhibition orders during their trip, another important task is to understand the Indonesian market, enter local outlets and stores, and understand local product types and consumption habits.
Before leaving for the exhibition, Zhao Xianmei fully arranged her investigation itinerary and arrived in Indonesia two days in advance. She set out early in the morning to visit shops, ask prices, issue business cards, and invite local enterprises to visit the exhibition. "I am impressed that some enterprises have opened store outlets, but the product style is relatively old, and the products are mainly sold through online channels. Although they are in professional outlets, they still feel relatively desolate."
This in-depth research experience in the local market is very valuable, allowing enterprises to directly capture the market situation, understand the local consumption level and applicable products. Some industry customers will also take the initiative to inquire about the prices of high and low products, so that both buyers and sellers can become familiar and establish contacts.
For many foreign trade practitioners like Zhao Xianmei, the epidemic has changed their communication mode with overseas markets. Now, offline exhibitions have restarted, and market development has also restarted. Zhao Xianmei revealed that some of the customers she met at the Indonesian exhibition are coming to Guangzhou next month to participate in the Canton Fair, and she is seeking to invite customers to negotiate offline with her company in Guangzhou.
We are the source brand manufacturer of Ai massage chairs, and we mainly promote the core technology of intelligent 4D massage heads.
In the future, Belove Belle Massage Chair will serve as a carrier of smart home, build a health platform, collaborate with health data management, smart healthcare, and smart home, jointly provide consumers with efficient personalized services, broaden the ecological boundaries of health management, extend the application scenarios of massage chairs in industries such as big health, and open up a new way of intelligent healthy life!