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[Chongchong Chong] Strong attack on the Indonesian market, Belove Belle Company grabs back large orders

Time:2023-03-22 Views:105
Belove has the courage to venture, to fight, to work, to fully explore business opportunities, to expand the market, to promote international trade cooperation, to make its products better and stronger, and to bring China‘s health and intelligent products to the world.
"China‘s Intelligent Manufacturing" Bringing Abroad
Exhibition time: March 18th, 2023
Venue: Jakarta International Exhibition Center, Indonesia
Direct fire scene @ China (Indonesia) Trade Expo
It‘s better to meet a thousand emails offline
This exhibition is full of achievements
Strive for market and order
China has become the center of the global intelligent massage chair industry chain
In the 1960s, Japan developed the world‘s first intelligent massage chair, marking the beginning of the development of modern massage appliances.
With the development of the globalization process and active international trade, the global industrial chain of intelligent massage chairs has also shifted to China.
The existing massage chair manufacturers have an output value of over 100 million, with 70% of their shares exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.
[Great Chinese Smart Manufacturing]
We are the source brand manufacturer of Ai massage chairs, and we mainly promote the core technology of intelligent 4D massage heads.
In the future, Beile Massage Chair will serve as the carrier of smart home, build a health platform, combine health data management, smart medical care, and smart home, jointly provide consumers with efficient personalized services, broaden the ecological boundaries of health management, extend the application scenarios of massage chairs in industries such as big health, and open up a new way of intelligent healthy life!
Speak well, understand massage, and be accompanied by Belle!
Ai Massage Health Management Expert from Guangzhou, China!