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Charter a plane to get orders! Guangdong Enterprises to the Fourth Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Exhibition

Time:2022-11-08 Views:305
Article/Sun Yiman, full media reporter of Yangcheng Evening News
"From Zengcheng, Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur, we are confident that we can find more partners here!" On November 2, Hu Cheng, the general manager of Warburg (Guangzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., who was participating in the 4th Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as MCTE) in Malaysia, told reporters that the new electric masks brought by the company had attracted the attention of online e-commerce procurement customers in Malaysia once they were exhibited.
On October 30, 79 representatives from 47 enterprises in Guangdong, including Foshan, the "City of Ceramics", Shunde, the "City of Home Appliances", Zhongshan, the "City of Lighting", Dongguan, the "City of IT Equipment", and Guangzhou, the "City of Fashion", flew to Malaysia to participate in the 2022 Fourth Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Fair, which opened on November 2.
Since the epidemic, MCTE is one of the exhibition projects that Guangdong Province has organized enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions in the form of charter flights. It is also an important economic and trade activity of Guangdong in Malaysia this year, and has received high attention from Malaysian government departments, various commercial industry associations, the media and the society.
Government chartered planes organize exhibitors to help enterprises "go to sea" to grab orders
MCTE was founded in 2017. In 2019, the 3rd Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Exhibition attracted extensive attention from Guangdong and Malaysia with more than 500 booths. The exhibition was a great success, and then was listed as a key exhibition project by the Malaysian Trade and Development Bureau, the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau, and the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province of China.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, the "Guangdong Trade Global" brand project is an overseas exhibition platform for Guangdong goods that the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province focuses on building. It aims to help Guangdong enterprises connect to the global market, let global buyers know about "Made in Guangdong", and is an important platform to help Guangdong enterprises expand the international market. Guangdong (Malaysia) Commodity Fair is one of the excellent overseas exhibition platforms of "Guangdong Trade Global", which has played an important role in promoting "Guangzhou Goods" in Malaysia and even in ASEAN.
The reporter learned that, in order to strengthen the service guarantee, the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province actively coordinated with various departments in the province to open up green channels in the government chartered exhibition, providing convenience for foreign trade enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions. Foreign trade enterprises have reduced the pressure of independent participation in the past, while the unified planning of transportation and accommodation has helped enterprises overcome many obstacles in the early stage, helping enterprises to further expand the market for foreign trade products.
"In recent years, ASEAN has replaced Europe and the United States as China‘s largest export market. With the theme of smart home appliances, smart home appliances and smart building materials, MCTE fully integrates Guangdong‘s industrial advantages and actively helps enterprises expand the ASEAN market." Ouyang Yun, the exhibition organization of this exhibition and the chairman of Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center Co., Ltd., told the reporter that MCTE has always taken "Guangdong Trade Global" as its own responsibility, and has become an important Guangdong export commodity exhibition of "Guangdong Trade Global" in the countries along the "the Belt and Road".
Ouyang Yun said that after arriving in Malaysia, Guangdong enterprises have been running on the way to expand the market. "After the arrival of Guangdong exhibitors, the next day they took advantage of the exhibition build-up interval to investigate the local market.
"Since today‘s launch, the booth has been crowded. We have brought four samples of intelligent massage chairs, and now three have been reserved!" Ms. Zhao Xianmei, the brand founder of Beile (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., said excitedly that the company had previously focused on the European and American markets. With the growing importance of the regional market of RCEP, the company has regarded it as the next important market to develop.
"In just one day today, our booth has attracted countless customers. There are online channel purchasers such as Malaysia‘s local live broadcast platform and e-commerce platform, as well as offline channel purchasers such as stores and offline experience stores. We have a deeper understanding of the needs of local customers, and thus found more business opportunities." Zhao Xianmei said.
Source | Yangcheng Evening News • Yangcheng School
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Editor in Chief | Wu Anqi
Checked by | Ma Manting