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What are the functions of Belle Home Full Body Kneading Hammer Massage Chair? Is it expensive?

Time:2022-09-15 Views:302
Take care of your healthy life and enjoy the comfort of a massage. To exude youthful vitality, for some people who sit in front of the computer for a long time, proper relaxation is also the key. So, what are the functions of the Belle home full-body kneading hammer massage chair? Is it expensive?
With the improvement of living standards, massage chairs have also become a popular way of health care. In the era of intelligent technology, massage chairs have also made great progress.
What are the functions of Belle‘s home full-body rubbing hammer massage chair? Is it expensive? Let‘s take a good look at it:
1. Belle‘s BL-190 massage chair with full body massage hammer adopts the appearance of PU leather full-wrapped space capsule
2. The neck is equipped with 4 electric height adjustment massage heads, which can deeply massage the spine
3. The back straight guide rail manipulator kneading, beating, walking massage
4. The massage technique is more delicate and the area is larger
5. Shoulder, arm, leg, calf airbag squeeze
6. Leg fully wrapped airbag squeeze massage function
7. The back heating function, under the functional experience of hot compress, can make the mood quickly relax
8. Foot roller massage, elastic stretching function of beautiful legs
9. Electric push rod design can realize linkage lifting and zero gravity function
10. Bluetooth music, under the influence of music, the whole person can also relax.
11. 12v safety voltage design
In terms of price, Belle‘s BL-190 home full-body rubbing hammer massage chair is directly sold by the factory. This is an enterprise integrating massage chair production, research and development, sales, planning and service, which can realize one-stop service.
Belove is practicing the corporate mission, spreading the concept of health, and providing ideal personal health products and high-quality services for every family.
The above is the function of Belle home full-body kneading hammer massage chair? Is it expensive? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to learn more, please call us the consultation service hotline!