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Neck pain is severe, which is the right Belle intelligent massage chair?

Time:2022-08-24 Views:393
In a prosperous world, people work hard for life and work hard in the workplace. After a long time, people‘s physical condition will also be poor. The emergence of massage chairs has greatly improved the happiness of the family. So, the neck is sore, which is the right Belle intelligent massage chair?
Since sitting in front of the computer for a long time and maintaining a posture, it is easy to have problems with the cervical spine. At this time, I really hope someone can help massage. At present, the functions of massage chairs are diversified and can meet the needs of many people.
The neck is sore, and the Belle intelligent massage chair can choose the Belle home full-body kneading hammer massage chair BL-190. This massage chair can strengthen the problem of cervical vertebrae. The neck is equipped with 4 electric height adjustment massage heads, which can deeply massage the spine. Tui Na kneading massage.
As for the structure of the massage chair, the movement is one of the core components of the massage chair, which can be massaged by displacement and rotation in different directions, so its quality determines the massage effect of the product. Now there are three types of 2D movement, 3D movement and 4D movement on the market.
Belle intelligent massage chair can choose Belle home full-body kneading hammer massage chair BL-190. The massage movement type is 4D manipulator. The back rail manipulator kneads and beats, and can massage while walking. The massage technique is more delicate and the area is larger. .
For some people who like hot compresses, this massage chair has a warming function on the back. The foot roller can be massaged, and it has the elastic and retractable function of beautiful legs. You can relax on the massage chair. This massage chair also has an electric push rod design, which can realize linkage lifting and zero gravity function.
The above is the neck pain, which is suitable for the Belle intelligent massage chair? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the massage chair, please call us the consultation service hotline.