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How long do elementary school students use eye protectors? Can you listen to music?

Time:2022-07-13 Views:481
Take care of the health of your eyes and see the world well. As parents, we also need to keep an eye on our children‘s vision problems. Due to the development of science and technology, eye protection devices have also entered many people‘s homes. So, how long do elementary school students use eye protectors? Can they listen to music?
In the beautiful years, protect the beautiful horizon. The horizon is wonderful because of me, don‘t let glasses ruin a child‘s dream. Nowadays, there are many electronic products around us, and primary school students are prone to visual fatigue when they are in contact with them for a long time. At this time, they need to relax.
Elementary school students use the eye protector for about 15 minutes. The Belle Smart Disney Eye Protector has a fashionable and cute appearance, as well as cartoon patterns of Mickey Mouse and Elsa, which capture the hearts of children at once. In terms of material, the skin-friendly material of suede is selected.
This eye protector can listen to music. In terms of functions, it includes hot compress + air pressure massage + vibration + Bluetooth music. In terms of design, it imitates different techniques to gently soften the eyes. After the constant temperature hot compress function is turned on, it can gently cover the eye area. At this time, connect the Bluetooth music on the mobile phone to relax the eyes.
Paying attention to the combination of work and rest, this Disney eye protection device can be opened with one button, and the operation is simple. After using it several times, the child can use it independently. As a fun and comfortable eye protector, your baby can‘t put it down.
In addition, this eye protector can not only protect your eyes, but also relax your body and mind. Specially designed for children, to start a wonderful and charming life. Beller Smart has always focused on healthy products and is trustworthy.
The above is how long do primary school students use the eye protector? Can they listen to music? The relevant information is introduced. Primary school students should also do more outdoor sports and see more green plants. If you want to know more information, please feel free to call our service hotline.