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Send a love, what massage techniques does Belle Smart Massage Chair have?

Time:2022-06-28 Views:489
Love to express, hard work is to live a better life. For the love of our family, we use actions to express. Some people are always entangled in not knowing what gift to give to their family members. In fact, giving gifts and health is a meaningful thing. So, send a love, what massage techniques does Belle Smart Massage Chair have?
If you are not at home all the year round, you will always miss your parents. As children, giving parents a Belle Smart Gold Throne Massage Chair represents not only the heart, but also the concern for their health. The massage chair walked into everyone‘s family. When I saw my parents lying on the massage chair for a massage, there was a big smile on their faces. At this time, I felt that everything was worth it.
Send a love, massage therapy has been applied to practice. There are different acupoints on our body, and different acupoints have different functional effects of massage. If you have severe shoulder pain, you can massage on a massage chair at a fixed point, which can effectively help relieve fatigue.
The massage techniques of Belle intelligent massage chair include kneading, beating, kneading, tapping, and acupressure. Among them, kneading is aimed at moderate stiffness in the neck, shoulders and waist, and kneading with the upper and lower massage balls. For percussion, it is aimed at the moderate stiffness of the body, and the percussion is carried out in rapid succession to slowly relax the stiff body.
This massage chair has various functions, it is not only a massage chair, but also a sofa to lie down and rest. When you are tired, turn on the Bluetooth music and feel the comfortable atmosphere.
In the principle of the massage chair, it mainly exerts the effect of massaging the body through the extrusion of the airbags. The airbags on both sides of the calf are clamped and moved up and down to achieve the rubbing effect of human hands; Gentle and effective in relieving low back and leg pain.
The above is to send a love. What massage techniques does Belle Smart Massage Chair have? The relevant information is introduced. If you want to know more about the massage chair, you are welcome to call us the consultation service hotline.