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What are the functions of the smart massage chair? How long is the massage?

Time:2022-06-21 Views:501
With the development of the times, people‘s life rhythm is accelerating, and under the pressure of too much pressure, it is easy to neglect health. Massage has been used for a long time. As a traditional Chinese medicine method, it also has certain benefits for health. So, what are the functions of the smart massage chair? How long is the massage time?
At present, the level of science and technology is also improving, and the emergence of intelligent health massage chairs has also added color to many families. After owning a smart massage chair, you will not be limited by time, and you can enjoy massage treatment at any time.
What are the functions of the smart massage chair? How long is the massage time? Let‘s take a look at it:
1. The Belle intelligent massage chair BL528 can use the 4D bionic movement, fully automatic one-button start, and can also detect the body.
2. Upgrade the thigh airbag squeezing massage, the calf body airbag wrapping, with heating function. Hot compresses can promote blood circulation and bring a good complexion to the body.
3. Cover the back of the whole body with massage, 8D simulated human flexible massage head, and enjoy masseur-level treatment.
4. A variety of functions, there are 8 traditional massage techniques on the back, and it can be used for wormwood hot compress.
5. There are 48 roller scrapings on the soles of the feet and two-way airbags for the calf to pinch
6. Full body deep V floating Thai stretching massage
7. Everyone has different requirements for strength. When using a massage chair, it should be from light to heavy, according to the principle of step by step, and at the same time use the third gear to adjust the strength freely.
8. The Belle intelligent massage chair has passed the 3C certification safety plug, and is integrally formed without installation.
9. Regarding the massage time, it is recommended that each massage should be 15-30 minutes, and the massage time should not be too long.
The above is what functions does the smart massage chair have? How long is the massage time? The relevant information is introduced. If there are more things you don’t understand, and you want to learn more about massage chairs, please call us for the consultation service hotline.