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Taking care of the eyes, how does the Belle Star Eye Care work?

Time:2022-04-25 Views:621
Relax your eye health and open up a new world of vision. With the progress of the times, people‘s living habits have changed, and intelligent electronic products have entered everyone‘s life. If you use your eyes for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable. So, what is the effect of Bei Le Xingkong eye care device for eye care?
As a working worker, I have to work on the computer every day. There was a period of time when my eyes were really painful and uncomfortable. Every time at this time, you need to stop your work, close your eyes, and then do eye exercises, and you will feel more comfortable at this time.
To take care of your eyes, the Belle Star Eye Care device works well. The functions included are hot compress, vibration, air pressure, Bluetooth, music, 180° folding, put on massage, close your eyes, and choose the massage mode according to your personal needs. The control methods of this eye protector include body buttons and voice control.
For the massage mode, including automatic, vitality, dynamic, clear, sleep. It is recommended that each eye massage should be controlled for about 15 minutes. In order to protect the health of the eyes, now I will insist on taking 15 minutes to massage the eyes every day. Wear the Belle Star Eye Care and enjoy the massage. .
When it comes to eye exercises, everyone must be familiar with it. This is a good habit for eye protection. Eye massage is also based on the ancient medical massage and meridian theory, and then by pressing and rubbing acupoints, it can promote blood circulation, help regulate the muscles around the eyes, and help relieve eye fatigue.
Even if you are busy at work, you should take time to relax your eyes to avoid overworked eyes. This star eye protector also has a visual impact in appearance, giving people more intimate care.
The above is about taking care of the eyes. How does the Beile Xingkong eye protection device work? The relevant information is introduced. You should also pay attention to rest at ordinary times, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables properly, and buy smart eye protection devices if you have the conditions. If you want to continue For more information, please call our service hotline.