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Protect eyesight, Belle Eye Care protects children‘s eye health

Time:2022-04-12 Views:640
Nowadays, electronic technology products have entered people‘s lives, and children spend more time watching mobile phones. There are colorful cartoons, which also attract the attention of many people. So, protect your eyesight, Belle Eye Care Device takes care of your child‘s eye health!
Many parents also worry about the protection of eyesight. It is worrisome to find that many children wear thick glasses at a young age.
To protect eyesight, Belle Eye Care protects children‘s eye health. Now the smart eye protector has also entered everyone‘s life. Belle‘s Disney eye protector has attracted many children in appearance. It incorporates graffiti such as Disney Mickey and Ice and Snow, adding interest to smart technology products and making classic Not out of date.
For children‘s vision health, it is necessary to prevent it as soon as possible. If you stare at electronic devices for a long time, it will cause irreversible damage to the developing eyes, such as primitive myopia and so on. Taking care of your child‘s eye health, the eye care device adds color to life.
This eye protector is a smart thermal model, which can vibrate at multiple frequencies. It also has a graphene heating plate, which dissipates evenly, heats up quickly, and has a conversion rate of electric heat of over 98%. It can maintain a temperature of 38-42°C continuously. Safer and more secure.
Under the influence of music, children are more likely to relax. This eye protector has the function of Bluetooth connection to music, which helps to relax the sense of urgency, and the airbag can be comfortably kneaded, which can deeply relieve pressure on the acupoints around the eyes. There are micro airbags to wrap the eye sockets, and with light music, it can quickly relieve eye fatigue.
In normal times, parents should also urge their children to do eye exercises. Although this operation is simple, it is an effective self-massage method that can help relieve eye fatigue.
The above is about protecting eyesight. The Belle eye protector is an introduction to the information related to protecting children‘s eye health. If you want to know more about the eye protector, please call us the consultation service hotline.