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A more practical forehead thermometer, belove forehead thermometer helps you measure temperature in one second

Time:2022-03-25 Views:631
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the monitoring of body temperature has become a topic of concern in many aspects. Everyone needs to pay attention to health. Whether you are out or at home, you need to measure your body temperature. Then, the more practical forehead thermometer, Belle belove forehead thermometer can help you measure temperature in one second.
There are many ways to measure body temperature, including forehead temperature, ear temperature, etc., which are commonly used. Due to the big changes in the weather, it is easy to get cold if you are not careful, and it will gradually evolve into a fever.
A more practical forehead thermometer, the belove forehead thermometer helps you measure temperature in one second. This is a thermometer produced by an excellent anti-epidemic company. It has imported probes, intelligent calibration, and ADS infrared sensing line technology, which greatly improves the accuracy. Care can be accurate to 0.1 ℃, and become a small housekeeper for body temperature monitoring.
If a child has a fever and a cold, it is a headache for parents, and an easy-to-use thermometer can help parents understand the child‘s body temperature changes in time. The belove forehead thermometer has a memory function. During the child‘s fever, it can pass 32 sets of Large-capacity memory, easy to see changes in body temperature in time.
The screen of this forehead thermometer is clear and has 3 color prompts. If the measured temperature is greater than or equal to 38.5°C, the screen will turn red and a "dididi" sound will sound.
In addition, in order to enhance the accuracy of measuring the child‘s body temperature, you can also measure the baby‘s forehead, armpit, abdomen, wrist, etc., and take the average value. Belle belove forehead thermometer is non-contact, it only needs to be 3-5 cm away from the skin, and the temperature can be measured in 1 second, which is easy to use.
The above is a more practical forehead thermometer. The belove forehead thermometer will help you to measure the temperature in one second. If you want to know more about the thermometer, please call us the consultation service hotline.