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The Belle Party Branch resolutely shoulders the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and demonstrates the role of vanguard and exemplary

Time:2022-03-18 Views:651
Recently, the domestic epidemic situation has been intertwined with multi-point distribution and local outbreaks, facing the complexity and severity of the current epidemic prevention and control. In critical and critical times, the Belle Party branch has effectively played a role as a battle fortress and a vanguard and exemplary role, letting the party flag fly high on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.
As a key enterprise in Shitan and an epidemic prevention and protection enterprise, Beile bravely undertakes its mission, resolutely shoulders the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and fights on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control sniper war. The Belle Party Branch has thoroughly implemented the important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping‘s "epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility", effectively improving its political position, adhering to the supremacy of the people and life, strengthening organizational leadership, and taking the initiative to act.
The Belle Party branch actively took on its role and built a strong fighting fortress. On March 17, 2022, enterprises around Shitan will be organized to carry out nucleic acid testing to ensure everyone‘s health and safety.
During the nucleic acid testing process, the Belle Party Branch adhered to the principle of answering any question, helping anyone who was busy, and responding when they heard the sound, urging and guiding the masses to maintain a safe distance, implement various protective measures, and complete the nucleic acid testing and sampling work on time.
The branch committee of Belle (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China has gone all out to help nucleic acid detection, build a solid line of defense against the epidemic, stick to its post despite hard work, and perform its duties with due diligence.
The party flag leads the fight against the epidemic with one heart. As members of the Communist Party, the more the country needs it, the more we have to rush to the front line and go backwards. In the future work, the Belle Party branch will still give play to the consistent style of party members taking the lead and commandos charging, and strive to establish an excellent corporate image!