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Focus on home cloud smart health equipment

Time:2022-03-05 Views:706
Peach Blossom March Goddess Season
Wish all goddesses forever 18
3.8 Goddess Festival, live your health and charm
38 Goddess Festival event poster
"Dedicated to the Goddess"
You can be a gentle lady, a little princess in life
You can also work hard and be a strong woman in the workplace
You can be pure and simple, you can chase freedom and just walk away
Just to find the most relaxed self
I believe that every girl has a "goddess dream"
In this romantic season of spring breeze
Belle Smart and you
Give your goddess a treat
Start the journey of love
There is a kind of love, the love in the eyes cannot be hidden
see you at a glance
Confirmed eyes
You are the person I will love forever
Belle eye protector
This eye massager is for the goddess, just to have face
1. Nano-grade steam moisturizes the eyes, effectively relieves dry eyes, frees hands, and makes a real SPA for the eyes
2. 16 major touch points cover the acupoints around the eyes, improve microcirculation, better relieve eye fatigue, let her enjoy after get off work, and the beautiful big eyes can reproduce the charm.
Exclusive pet, take care of her neck
Draw a line from mediocrity
Make luxury younger
Belle neck brace
The luxurious packaging of this cervical spine massager has high-grade, and the appearance is bursting wow
1. New ring design, easy to fold without taking up space. It also uses the effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields on sleep rhythms to help improve sleep quality.
2. Warm compresses at 42°C can better relax the cervical muscles, take care of the goddess‘ neck, and drive away her fatigue.
Present the artifact that can let go of the tired body for the goddesses
Running in life can make you tired physically and mentally
Want to find various ways to decompress and relax
3.8, come to a relaxing spa
Belle Smart Health Massage Chair
This massage chair helps restore mental and physical strength faster and more scientifically
3.8 is an exclusive festival for women
How can there be no surprises?
Come get it now
From March 4th to March 8th, anyone who buys Belle smart products will have the opportunity to win the treadmill award
During the period from March 4th to March 8th, when you place an order to buy a massage chair in Belle Micro Mall, you will receive a thousand-yuan after-sales gift package.
Draw time: March 9, 2022
How to draw the lottery: random selection of mobile phone numbers
(Customers need to leave an accurate mobile phone number after placing an order to buy the product, and the prize will be sent by express)