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Party building leads into the party building care activities of Beile‘s party branch

Time:2021-12-17 Views:890
On the morning of December 17, 2021, the party and government leaders of the Organization Department, Shitan Town, and Lihu Street led by the deputy secretary and district mayor of Zengcheng District visited the low-carbon headquarters park to learn about the development of the party building activities of the non-public party branch of Beile Enterprise . Comrade Guo Yang, Chairman of Zengcheng Low-Carbon Park and Secretary of the Party Branch Committee of Baylor, gave a detailed introduction to the work and life of grassroots party members.
Comrade Guo Yang, secretary of the branch committee of the Chinese Communist Party Belle (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company has led the core party members to become pioneers and models, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission led the rapid establishment of the "epidemic prevention temporary party branch" upon hearing the order Make every effort to guarantee the completion of the task of collecting and storing the temperature measuring guns for epidemic prevention materials in the Guangzhou City’s “mobilization order”. Later, through the government, the "Six Stability and Six Guarantees" were firmly promoted. Since September 2020, they entered the low-carbon headquarters park and formally established the "CPC Belle (Guangzhou) Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. Branch".
Since the establishment of the corporate non-public party branch, in November 2020, the park organized corporate party members and activists to conduct party building education and learning in Baimianshi Village, Zhengguo Town. In April 2021, the party branch of the enterprise carried out party building liaison activities with the Guangdong Provincial Finance Bureau and the party branch of the Guangdong Equity Exchange Center, striving to lead the way in science and technology.
Finally, Huo Yang, deputy secretary and district head, expressed affirmation and concern for the company‘s party building work, learned that the company‘s party members pioneered the work scene in the front line of R&D and production, and expressed affirmation for the in-depth community party group to carry out health services. It is pointed out that it is necessary to better promote the management of the work of non-public party branch grassroots party members (including mobile party members) and strengthen the study of party building ideas, form the backbone of the strategic fortress for the development of business operations, and promote the steady, long-term and rapid development of enterprises.