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Belove is in action for epidemic prevention and control!

Time:2020-01-15 Views:1338
Today, when the epidemic is still severe and the fight against the "epidemic" has not yet succeeded, we must not only protect ourselves, but also be familiar with the knowledge of protection not to hold back the medical staff on the front line. As ordinary people, we do not have the professional protection knowledge of medical staff. What we can do is not to gather and wear masks. Pay close attention to changes in body temperature of yourself and your family members, and seek medical attention if you have any discomfort! Caring for the family is also considered a small contribution.
In this special period, to avoid all direct contact, traditional clinical thermometers cannot avoid...
Today, I will recommend three medical-grade temperature guns, which can measure the temperature 3-5 cm away from the skin, which can be done in one second, saving time and accuracy! I believe that many people are familiar with this type of temperature gun, and there are thousands on the market, but because there are also thousands on the market, the quality is uneven!
But this medical forehead thermometer of Bei Le does not have to worry about such problems! The temperature measurement is fast, the operation is simple, and it also meets the medical-level quality requirements~
During 2020, the infrared thermometer developed by Beile has been released to the public to provide adequate protection against the epidemic!